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This is a unique piece from 'Union Horlogère' under their trade mark 'ALPINA'.

This is an exquisite example of an antique timepiece which belongs approximately to the 1910’s.

It has a working manual winding movement in a solid silver case, with a porcelain dial.

This admirable men’s timepiece features an original white porcelain dial. Despite being more than 100 years old, the dial appears in almost good condition!

The original open face features a 60 minute outer track border, black Arabic numerals, beautiful Louis XVI filigree hands and a slightly sunken sub-second’s dial. 

The beautiful dial is stamped ‘ALPINA’.
 The silver four-piece, double-hinged case matches very well with this elegant dial.

This is a silver case watch with a set of antique silver hallmarks.

The inside of the case lid is stamped 0.800. Denoting the 80% solid silver used as the material of the case.

There is also Swiss (Wood Grouse) and German (Crescent Moon/Crown) silver hallmarks and logo of the master, which are used in conjunction with a maker's mark and a decimal silver standard.

‘Alpina’ was founded in 1883 by a group of Swiss Watchmakers who joined together to produce high quality Swiss mechanical watches at a reasonable price. A group called themselves affectionately the "Alpinists", and they all shared the same target: the success of the ‘Alpina’ watch. Different members of the group in Geneva, Germany, Eastern and Northern Europe manufactured various parts of the watch. 

In 1901 the trade name ‘Alpina’ was officially registered.  The name ‘Alpina’ refers to the Swiss Alps where the company was located.
From the beginning, ‘Alpina’ watches were manufactured with high quality components, amongst others Brequet spirals, balance wheels with gold screws and heavy gold cases.

In 1909 for participation in the German watch-manufacturing base, Alpina Union Horlogère founded the "Präcisions-Uhrenfabrik Alpina" in Glashütte. The Union's factories were now located in Geneva, Bienne, Besançon and Glashütte. "Alpina Glashütte" watches gained ground.

This elegant silver timepiece can be yours for MYR1,500. A 30-day warranty is provided for watch. A flat fee insured shipping is provided. 

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  1. Wow! These vintage watches are so fab specially the long and short hand of the elegant silver timepiece. I just recently bought michele watches though so I'm hoping against all hopes that this watch would still be available once I already have the money to buy it.