Thursday 18 December 2014

Welcome - Selamat Datang - 欢迎 - 歓迎 - स्वागत

What is this blog for?

I have been collecting vintage watches for a while, and had been asked for my opinions on timepieces.

Men and Machines - like it or not we depend on them daily, and the round or rectangle equipment that most of us have on our wrist helps us to keep to our schedule at work, make sure that we turn up on time for our date later tonight, or ensure that we get to meet up with the guys to catch that game on TV.

What you can see on this 'blogshop' are some of the timepieces that I had collected and want to share them with you.

Why vintage? For one, they cost way less then a new, current model. It's like why get a second hand CLK and not a new one. They still work, they get discounted overtime, but still have the luster and class; and most importantly tell you the time.

The collection is categorized into 2 groups; Vintage and Modified.

Vintage watches are in their original state as much as possible. While some reconditioning or repair may be done on them, they keep to their original design and function.

My 'Modified' collection are mainly antique pocket watches (typically prior WW2) modified, making them wrist watches. Typically expect some reconditioning, especially to their dials, as time take a toll on them. 

Please peruse through my pages, and I am happy to answer any queries you might want to ask.


Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA.